How to Full Screen Undertale on PC

How to Full Screen Undertale on PC?

Undertale took the gaming world by storm when it launched in 2015. This indie RPG seemed to come out of nowhere and quickly won over tons of fans. But what made this quirky little game so insanely popular?

Undertale stood out by turning classic RPG combat on its head. Instead of just fighting enemies, you could choose pacifist routes. You could negotiate, spare foes, or find innovative ways to resolve conflicts peacefully. This fresh takes on RPG battles resonated with players.

Coupled with Undertale’s charming humor, memorable characters, and incredible music, it created an incredibly special experience. Funny, heartwarming, and deeply replayable – it’s no wonder Undertale built such a passionate fan following.

Why was Undertale so popular?

Why was Undertale so popular

Undertale became a smash hit indie game for many reasons. First, its unique combat system let players spare enemies instead of fighting. This pacifist approach was a fresh take on RPG battles. Players loved the choice and consequences their actions had. The writing was also top-notch – filled with charming humor and memorable characters. Undertale never took itself too seriously while still telling a memorable story.

The game’s style, music, and creativity struck a chord too. Undertale had chunky, retro graphics but used them in clever ways. The soundtrack by Toby Fox is iconic, keeping you humming long after playing.

Above all, Undertale showed gaming doesn’t need fancy 3D graphics to be innovative and fun. It proved a simple RPG with tons of heart could become a mainstream sensation. The dedicated fan community keeps the game’s spirit alive through art, mods, and more. Undertale’s universal appeal and feel-good vibes made it a modern cult classic.

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How to Full Screen Undertale on PC (Follow These Steps)

Launching Undertale on Your PC

  1. First, locate and launch the Undertale game on your PC. If you installed it through a platform like Steam, go to your library, find Undertale, and click “Play”.
  2. If you downloaded Undertale directly, find the program file (likely in your Downloads folder or where you installed it), and double-click to open it.
  3. Give the game a moment to launch. If it doesn’t start, ensure your PC meets the system requirements and your drivers are updated.

Navigating to the Game’s Settings

_Undertale on PC

Once Undertale is running, you’ll see the main menu with options like “Start Game,” “Load Game,” and “Settings.”

Use your mouse or keyboard arrows to highlight and select the “Settings” option.

In the Settings menu, you can adjust various options including display settings.

Selecting the Full-Screen Mode Option

Inside the display settings, look for the “Full Screen” or “Window Mode” option.

Highlight this option with your mouse or keyboard.

Click on “Full Screen” or press Enter to enable it.

You may need to confirm your selection or click “Apply” for changes to take effect.

Exit the settings menu and return to the game.

Common Issues and Solutions When Switching to Full-Screen

Common Issues and Solutions When Switching to Full-Screen

Here are some common issues players may encounter when switching Undertale to full-screen mode on PC, along with potential solutions:

Screen Resolution Issues: If the game looks stretched, distorted or doesn’t fit your monitor properly in full-screen, it’s likely a resolution mismatch. Go back into the game settings and change the resolution to match your monitor’s native resolution.

Game Crashes or Freezes: Undertale may crash or freeze when trying to run in full-screen mode, especially on older PCs. This is often caused by outdated graphics drivers. Update your GPU drivers to the latest version. You can also try running the game in windowed mode first, then slowly transition to full-screen.

Black Screen: In some cases, switching to full-screen can result in just a black screen, with no graphics displayed. This may happen on older systems or PCs with multiple monitors. First, try running the game in windowed mode. You can also check if your system meets the recommended specs for full-screen Undertale.

Input Lag or Stuttering: Full-screen mode can sometimes introduce input lag or stuttering issues. Make sure no other demanding applications are running in the background. You can also try lowering some of the game’s graphics settings.

Audio Issues: Rarely, enabling full-screen may cause sound or audio issues like crackling noises. Update your audio drivers and set Undertale to run in windows mode to see if that fixes it.

If you encounter other weird glitches in full-screen, restart the game or your PC. Make sure you have all the latest patches and updates installed for Undertale as well. As a last resort, you may need to verify the game files or try reinstalling. But in most cases, adjusting settings or updating drivers resolves full-screen issues.


Playing Undertale in full screen really enhances the immersive experience. With the game taking up your entire monitor, you can focus better. The charming retro visuals and incredible music soundtrack deserve your full attention. Following the simple steps above should let you easily enable full screen mode and get lost in Undertale’s adventures.

Of course, you may sometimes run into technical hiccups when switching display modes. But there are lots of troubleshooting tips to fix common issues. Updated your graphics drivers, close other programs, adjust resolutions, or just try windowed mode first. With some basic troubleshooting, you can almost always get Undertale running perfectly in full screen. Then you can truly escape into the quirky, emotional world Toby Fox created.

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